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Permanent Make-Up Digital Machine Charmer Princesses

Permanent Make-Up Digital Machine Charmer Princesses

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Charmer Princess is aiming to provide more professional product for our customer, so we keeping devoted to exploration innovation and updated our products to give you more convenient, safe and easy control beauty machine. Semi-permanent makeup technique is becoming a part of our life. This LCD touch screen makeup machine is a good choice for you to using in daily life. It multi-function, safe and convenient, you just replace the cartridges and choose the mode, then you will get a beautiful face.Package Info: This permanent makeup pen includes: 1* Adaptor 1*Power Cable 1* Permanent Makeup Pen 1*LCD Touch Screen Operation Board.Highlight This LCD touch screen permanent makeup machine adopts some new technique for convenient use: Touch Control Five modes choose Multi-level choose Pen area design High quality motor steady and continuous safety of needle frequency.High Capacity Battery Adopt 4500 mAh rechargeable battery USB Interface 100% power work 6 hours Easy to portable Easy to control

Features & details

Multi-Function: Your permanent makeup pen provides 4 different modes for your selection, such as eyebrow, eyeliner, lip, MTS, and MPU, even can use this machine to tattooing small tattoo.

Digital Touch Screen: Use LCD digital screen design to make all function in one plant, you can choose a mode and up and down speed through touch the screen.

High-Capacity Battery: We put a 4500mAh rechargeable battery in the machine, it can work 6 hours after a full charge. Help you use the machine more convenient.

Low Noise Working: This makeup machine uses a new technique to reduce the working noise to help reduce your tension and pain.

Lock Design: Use lock design to lock needle head well, make the pin clamp more firmly needle stability, no-fly needle, and no inkjet, safe to use

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